Politician from a town called Snowflake – yes, really – is trying to ban schools from teaching about homosexuality

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Senator Sylvia Allen from Snowflake, Arizona, is attacking the state’s sex education laws (Facebook)

A Republican senator who literally comes from a town of snowflakes is trying to ban schools from discussing the existence of LGBT+ people.

Senator Sylvia Allen represents the tiny town of Snowflake in Arizona, which has a population of just 5,590. She is currently pushing for a bill that will delete the word ‘homosexuality’ from any sexual education material used by schools in the area.

The bill, which would also prevent children under 12 from receiving any form of sex education, is scheduled for discussion in the Arizona Senate in Phoenix on January 14.

It stipulates that schools would not be required to provide sex education at all, and those that do would have to develop coursework during publicly noticed meetings. The curriculum would then be available for public comment for at least 60 days before a school board could adopt the educational guidelines.

Any attempts to get around the proposed laws by offering after-school sex education classes would also be prohibited.

Allen has yet to explain the push against sex education, but the move is thought to be a bid to undo the repeal of Arizona’s so-called ‘no promo homo’ law, a decades-old law forbidding teachers from ‘promoting homosexual lifestyles’.

The law was scrapped in April last year after a challenge from LGBT+ campaigners, who called it “discriminatory and harmful” as it “bars students from receiving medically accurate, age-appropriate information”.

This isn’t the first time the Snowflake politician has come under fire for her questionable political views. Last year she was forced to apologise for her offensive comments on the “browning” of America, as she warned the US would “look like South American countries very quickly” due to immigrants “flooding us and overwhelming us”.

She has also argued that people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons into public buildings because “there’s a moral erosion of the soul of America”, and suggested that Arizona should pass a law forcing people to go to church to help America’s “moral rebirth”.

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