Southern Charm Cast Dishes On Finale Drama; Shep Rose Claims Madison Lecroy Cursed At Him After Her Apology

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Another season of Southern Charm wrapped up last week at Patricia Altschul’s stag party. Shep Rose created drama by bringing the two mystery women from Austen Kroll’s threesome video as dates for himself and Craig Conover. A move obviously meant to embarrass Madison Lecroy and Austen, the tawdry video’s stars.

What we found out at the party is that despite the video being a predominant Season 6 storyline, nothing actually happened between Austen and the women. The ladies were basically using his apartment as a free hostel for the night. Just the fact that Shep brought the two women to the event set tongues-a-wagging, however. So, what do Shep’s cast mates really think of his shady maneuver? And did the cameras capture everything at the party?

During Bravo’s Southern Charm Aftershow, Shep and the rest of the cast shared their thoughts about the party and the surprise guests. In response to the guests, threesome video star Austen exclaimed, “Shep, you f**king a**hole. I mean, what a f**kng a**hole. There’s no other way around it.” He also stated, “It was his way of like, let’s put the arrow back at Austen. Guys, let’s not forget–Austen had a threesome. It was a slap in the face.”

Of course, according to Shep and Craig’s “dates,” a threesome never actually occurred! Not a surprise–it is difficult enough to believe Austen could even pull off a twosome. A onesome for sure, though!

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Arrow pointer Shep felt justified in bringing the ladies to the party. He declared, “I have a history with Chelsea [one of the women in the video]. She’s cool. We’ve had a lot of fun together. It was petty, but it was sort of appropriate. I thought it would be funny.”

One person who did not think Shep’s actions were so funny was drive-by-STD-accusation victim Danni Baird, who actually had every right to want to see Madison and Austen squirm. Danni said, “They’re basically trying to say their relationship [Madison and Austen] is a joke. So I’m going to make a mockery of it. I think there was a part of Shep that wanted to get back at her for the crazy things she had said. And he had no qualms about doing it.”

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What did the cast think of the women who came to the party? Chelsea Meissner revealed, “To have watched that video so many times, I was so curious…who the girls were and what they looked like. So, when I finally saw ’em, I was like…oh. Those are the girls that he [Austen] took home? White trash! No, I’m kidding!” Obviously a reference to Shep infamously labeling Madison as “white trash” early on in the season.

Eliza Limehouse also had an opinion about the video vixens, saying, “Those girls were…my mom says not to say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. I don’t think those girls should have been there.” But what about Shep? They wouldn’t have been at the party if it wasn’t for Shep’s invite. Doesn’t the main responsibility for their presence lie with him?

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As far as Craig’s role as Mystery Date #2 for the ladies, Eliza shared, “I was uncomfortable for Madison and Craig and everybody. Because Craig, it made Craig look like he was bringing the girls. And he was like, ‘I didn’t bring them!’”

Austen believes Craig was just Shep’s patsy in the whole affair, explaining, “I think Craig is playing like, ‘Oh, I don’t even know.’ And I’m like, ‘Craig, you’re a f**king pawn. You’re a pawn in this game and we all know that.’” Of course, Craig knew exactly what was going down, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice your integrity for the sake of a storyline!

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Although the party was drama filled, apparently everything that happened did not make the final cut for the show. Shep revealed during the Southern Charm Aftershow that after Madison apologized to him at the party for her STD accusations in Colorado, the drama continued. Shep claimed, “And Madison’s in front of me and she said some sh*t under her breath like, ‘F**k you.’ And I go, ‘What did you just say?’ I go, ‘You can’t f**king leave well enough alone.’ I go, ‘You are unable to be a classy person. It’s impossible for you.’”

OK, after this season, haven’t many of us wanted to say ‘F**k you’ to Shep? Thank you Madison, on behalf of us! I wager to bet a few of Shep’s cast mates are also secretly applauding you.

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Of course, Shep took Madison’s alleged comment as an opportunity to prove that he was right about her all along. He stated, “She proved what I called her [white trash] the whole time. And that just goes to tell you always trust your instinct, especially about first impressions.”

First impressions are important, but they are not everything–and they are not always accurate. Shep gave off an impression of being a witty, thoughtful, life-of-the party type his first few seasons on the show. Now, he more often comes across as a humorless, angry snob who wants to be right at any cost.

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